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Review Process

The journal "Scientific Technical Journal «Metal Science and Treatment of Metals»" uses Double-Blind Peer Review:

  • the reviewer does not know the personal information of the author / authors;
  • the author / authors do not know the personal data of the reviewer. 

The scientific articles submitted to the editorial office undergo initial control regarding the completeness and correctness of their registration and compliance with the Manuscript Requirements set out on the site. The primary expert review of a scientific article is carried out by the editor-in-chief or the executive editor. The Editor-in-Chief (executive editor) determines the reviewer from the membership of the editorial board, who oversees the relevant scientific direction, for the article to be published.

After an expert evaluation of a scientific article, the reviewer may:

  • recommend article for posting;
  • recommend the article for its publication after author's revision, taking into account the comments and wishes expressed;
  • do not recommend article for posting;
  • if the reviewer recommends the article for posting it after revision, taking into account the comments, or does not recommend the article for publication, the review must state the reason for the decision.