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Anti-plagiarism Policy

The Scientific Technical journal "Metal Science and Treatment of Metals" are committed to publish only original materials, i.e. materials that have not been published anywhere before.

All the articles provided for review have their original text tested for the level of uniqueness determined by using the appropriate software that shows the uniqueness of the article, sources used and coincidence of the text (“eTXT Antiplagiat”, “Advego Plagiatus”).

The Scientific Technical journal "Metal Science and Treatment of Metals" will consider any case of plagiarism individually. If plagiarism is detected at any stage before publication of a manuscript, we will inform the author(s) of this by asking him or her to rewrite the text or to quote the text accurately and to cite the original source. If plagiarism exceeds 25%, the editorial staff reserves the right to reject the article and notify the author's institution. In case of proven fact of plagiarism in manuscript being published, the authors are denied the right to publish all future issues of the journal, and the text is taken from the archives of the official website of the journal and other places of publications for which the journal is responsible.