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Protective and strengthening coatings on reinforcing steels

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2020, vol. 26 (96), 39-46

S.A.Vodennikov, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Professor of Departments, s_vodennikov@i.ua
V.O. Skachkov*, Doctor of Technical Science,  Associate Professor, Professor, skavira@ukr.net
O.S.Vodennikova*, Assistant Lecturer, olga.vodennikova09@gmail.com

National University “Zaporizhzhia Polytechnic”, Zaporizhzhia
* Engineering Institute of Zaporizhia National University, Zaporizhia

UDC 620.193:622.646
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A conceptually new technology for the application of aluminum coatings on 18G2C steel by the electrolytically deposited NaF-NaCl - AlF3 ionic melt method has been developed. To solve the tasks set in the work, a set of experimental and computational research methods was used: metallographic analysis, energy dispersion microanalysis, mechanical tests, and calculation of the oxidation rate of samples. The mechanical characteristics of the samples of reinforcing steel were determined on a rupture machine FP-100 at an active capture rate of 2.5 mm / min. The relationship between the rates of electrochemical oxidation of the aluminide coating, its mechanical properties, with the distribution of aluminum in the depth of the samples and its phase composition have been determined. The increase of mechanical characteristics of samples from 18G2S steel with an aluminum covering in comparison with usual reinforcing steel is shown. The sequence of structural-phase changes of metal in the process of aluminide coating is determined and its influence on mechanical and corrosion resistance is determined. Experimental evaluation of the rate of oxidation of 18G2C steel samples with aluminum coating under the conditions of sulfuric acid electrolyte at an electric current of 11 to 18 A has been conducted. The developed technology of electrolytic deposition of aluminum has scientific and practical interest for the construction industry. The developed coating makes it possible to increase the mechanical properties of steel by almost 12% and to increase the corrosion resistance.
Keywords: aluminum coatings, 18G2C steel, electrochemical oxidation, electrolytic deposition.


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