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Biosoluble magnesium-based alloy for medical purposes

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2019, vol. 25, 4(92), 38-46

M.D. Аikin, postgraduate
V.A. Shalomeev, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
E.І. Tsivirko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,

UDC 669.721.5
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Implants made of stainless steel, cobalt or titanium alloys are used to fix the limbs during surgical operations associated with bone fractures. Such implants make it difficult to stabilize bone tissue, introduce risks of local inflammation, as they are foreign bodies in a living organism and necessitate their surgical removal to eliminate the negative effects of their presence. Biosoluble and biocompatible with a living organism implants made of magnesium alloys, which could provide the desired complex of their mechanical properties, can be promising. Therefore, the influence of additional alloying of the biosoluble alloy ML10 with zirconium, neodymium and zinc was studied to increase its mechanical properties and bone tissue regeneration. Using the experimental planning matrix and the statistical analysis software package "Statstiica", a biosoluble casting alloy for magnesium-based implants with a content of 1.2-1.3% zirconium, 3.1-3.2% neodymium was developed, which provides the necessary level of mechanical properties (sВ ≥ 290 МПа, d = 5,4 %). Preclinical tests of implants from the developed alloy revealed the absence of toxic effects on the living organism of laboratory animals, and the positive process of regeneration of bone tissue was shown.
Keywords: chemical composition; alloying elements; tensile strength; optimization; relative extension; experiment planning; magnesium; biosolubility.


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