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High-entropy AlCoNiFeCrTiVx coatings куігдеув акщь electron-beam cladding

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2019, Tom 90, No 2, cc.52-61

А. Yurkova, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor of the Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy, yurkova@iff.kpi.ua
O. Matveev, postgraduate, alexmatveev1994@gmail.com
V. Chernyavsky, Candidate of Technical Science (Ph.D.), Senior Researcher, Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy, vadikv13@gmail.com
M. Sysoev. Candidate of Technical Science (Ph.D.), Senior Researcher, Department of High-Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy, msysoyev@ukr.net

National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Kyiv

UDC 620.22:620.187.22:534.442.3
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The effect of V on the formation of the structure, phase composition, and microhardness of high-eltropy AlCoNiFeCrTiVx coatings obtained by electron-beam cladding on a steel substrate in vacuum is investigated. It has been established that AlCoNiFeCrTiV0 coatings consist of two bcc solid solutions with different lattice periods and a small amount of intermetallic s-phase. An increase in V content from x = 0 to x = 1.5 changes the phase composition of the coatings and they consist of one bcc solid solution and s-phases of different composition. With increasing content of V, the volume fraction of the s-phase increases. The addition of V to AlCоNiFeCrTi shows the strengthening effect of the AlCоNiFeCrTiV0-1.5 coatings and the Vickers hardness increased from 8,4 to 11 GPa.

Keywords: high-entropy alloy; electron-beam cladding;  coating; structure; phase composition; mechanical properties


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