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Increase of properties of aluminum alloys by the action of a permanent magnetic field on melting at solid state

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2018, Tom 88, No 4, сс. 3-8

V. I. Dubodelov, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine
Ye.V. Seredenko, Candidate of Technical Science (Ph.D.)
A. S. Zatulovskyi, Doctor of Technical Science
V. A. Seredenko, Doctor of Technical Science

Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

UDC 669.715:621.745:538.4
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Conditions of increase of properties (microhardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance) of aluminum alloys with metals forming aluminides, processing by constant magnetic fields are determined. Their effect is studied, both on a stationary melt, and on that which moves during periods of cooling and hardening. The facts of the influence of a constant magnetic field on the change of the a-phase, the change in the size and configuration of intermetallics, and the increase in the efficiency of the modifiers are established. Similar structural changes occur with an increase in cooling rates. The prospects of the developed technological processes, which are connected with the possibility of economy of modifiers, ecological safety, absence of additional energy inputs and electrical equipment, are determined.


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