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Improving the quality of large forge ingots

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2018, Tom 87, No 3, сс. 31-32

Veis V. I.

Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

UDC 621.74.047
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The introduction of low-frequency vibrations directly into the melt of the ingot, which crystallizes using the vibration activator immersed in the profitable part of the ingot from the refractory material, is investigated. It has been established that when using endogenous vibration processing during crystallization of steel ingots, the formation of a more uniform fine-grained structure of the ingot is achieved. Such processing can be successfully implemented in the production of large forging ingots weighing over 100 tons to eliminate the manifestation of segregation, macroinhomogeneity of the structure in them, in particular in the bottom of the ingots, and to increase the properties of large-sized products from them.