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Numerical simulation of thermal field in the casting process in relation to cast plasma technology

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2018, Tom 87, No 3, сс. 38-39

Shmatko O. V.

Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

UDC 621.746.5:533.9
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Simulation of the continuous casting-plasma technology for producing bimetallic structures was carried out in order to determine the necessary temperature parameters of the pouring process in the casting system and mold. It has been established that for guaranteed connection of the melt with a solid substrate, it is advisable to apply preliminary local heating to temperatures above 800 ° C. Calculations of the state of the thermal field in time show the solidification parameters of the entire cast material and make it possible to adjust the casting time and crystallizer parameters depending on the required bimetallic size products.