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ISSN 2664-2441 (Online)
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Structure Fe - Cr - Mn – N steel after pressure deformation and cavitation wear

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2018, Tom 87, No 3, сс. 35-36

Kucherenko P. M.

Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NAS of Ukraine, Kyiv

UDC 669.15-194:539.389.2
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The possibilities of strain hardening and the formation of a substructure of 17Х14Г19АФ steel  with stable austenite during bulk mechanical deformation of samples under cavitation wear are investigated. It was found that for both types of deformation in Fe-Cr-Mn-N steel with stable austenite with previous dispersion strengthening, strain hardening occurs by dislocation by the Orowan mechanism.