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Scientific Technical Journal Metal Science and Treatment of Metals № 2_2017

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2017, Tom 82, No 2


Yuri Mykolajovych Taran-Zhovnir. On the 90th anniversary of the birth


Modem trends of development of displacing-diffusion theory of austenite recrystallization in iron-carbon alloys
K. I. Uzlov

The features of phase equilibrium in the system Al-Si with microheterogeneous liquid phase
A. V. Mazur, V. I. Mazur, M. M. Gasik

Structural and phase transformations in the hypoeutectic alloys of the Al-Si - Fe system treated in the liquid state by a unipolar electric current pulses
A. G. Prigunova, S. S. Petrov, S. V. Prigunov

Phase composition of metals electrocrystallized on solid and liquid metal cathodes of the same chemical composition
O. B. Girin, S. I. Zhdanov, D. G. Korolyanchuk

The areas of completely or limited metastable double eutectics not represented on metastable diagrams
L. Yu. Ionova

Influence of structural features on graphitization in steels and cast-irons
T.M. Myronova, I. O. Semenova


Regularities of structure formation and trlbological properties of hlgh-chromium alloys
V. Z. Kutzova, M. A. Kovzel, A. V. Grebeneva

Texture studies of the deformed ultra-low carbon steel after hydrostatic pressure torsion
V. Z. Kutsova, T. V. Kotova, G. P. Stetsenko


The peculiarities of speed melting and solidification of non-metallic inclusions under laser treatment of steel
S. I. Gubenko, V. N. Bespalko, I. A. Nikulchenko

Application of thermocyclic treatment during crystallization for refinement structural elements of tool steels
N. M. Fedorkova, O. A. Balakin

Formation of the structure of shelters of gases with multiple crystallizer
V. Yu. Karpov, V. V. Karpov