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Scientific Technical Journal Metal Science and Treatment of Metals № 3_2016

Metalozn. obrobka met., 2016, Tom 79, No 3



Phase and structural stability of high-temperature corrosion resistant alloy for cast blades of gas turbines
А. M. Verhovluk, I. I.Maksuitа, Yu. G. Kvasnitskаya, E. V. Mihnyan, G. F.Myalnitsa

Influence of crystallization parameters and the hot deformation on characteristics of steel structure of with roll rolling
S. Ye. Kondratyuk,A. V. Nogovitsin, E. N. Stoianova, I. R. Baranov, Z. V. Parkhomchuk


Instrumental stamp steels for hot deformation (review)
K. O. Gogaev, O. M. Sydorchuk, O. K. Radchenko, V. V. Lukyanchuk


The influence of blowing on hydrodynamics of metal in the casting ladle
N. K. Sigarev, Ya.A. Soroka, D.O. Plakuschiy


The reasons of deformation and fracture of the working surface of the casting wheel of continuous rotary caster
A. N. Smirnov, S. V. Kuberskyi

The wear resistance of titanium alloys
O. M. Solovar, V. I. Veis, L. I. Olianych


On the 60th birthday anniversary of Verhovluk A.M.


On the problem of formation of large forge ingots
V. M. Shcheglov


Names in terms of material science
S. Ye. Kondratyuk, Z. V. Parkhomchuk